Female libido what is it, how to raise female libido and increase a woman's sexuality increase female libido

Female libido: what is it, how to raise female libido and increase a woman’s sexuality?

What is at the heart of female sex appeal? What is female libido and how can you increase it? What can be done to develop female sexuality? Read about this in our article..

Since estradiol, progesterone, and testosterone levels fluctuate with the phases of the menstrual cycle, it is recognized that baseline hormonal levels are not the most important level, not peaks. It is primarily about maintaining its balance. And, of course, about the absence of endocrine diseases, in which a woman’s sexuality is significantly reduced [7]. As for the drop in estradiol levels during menopause, in this case, one of the options is to carry out hormone replacement therapy, which allows you to preserve the sexuality of a mature woman [8].

Various physiological causes

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Among the reasons for the decrease in female libido are the following factors:

feeling unwell due to gynecological or any other diseases. Especially serious damage to female sexuality is caused by chronic or recurrent diseases that run for a long time. To maintain a sense of their own attractiveness, women in such periods especially require male support;

taking medications. Certain types of antidepressants, antihistamines, pain relievers, or anticonvulsants can also disrupt your intimate life. This list also includes beta-blockers prescribed for cardiovascular diseases [9];

Steroids turn a woman into man!

taking some types of oral contraceptives. Drugs with an antiandrogenic effect can inhibit libido. This is especially evident in young women with not yet fully formed sexuality [10]. In addition, taking OK can contribute to the occurrence of vitamin deficiency in the body, which also causes problems, including with libido.

The beauty and sexuality of women are of a very fragile nature, subject to numerous negative influences and in need of constant care..

How to increase female libido?

The question of how a woman can improve her sexuality is complex and includes both methods of psychological correction and pharmacotherapy..

Initially, the possibility of diseases of the neuroendocrine system should be excluded, for which you need to visit the antenatal clinic and undergo the necessary examination. Timely diagnosis and treatment of endocrine disorders, one of the manifestations of which is a violation of sexual desire in women, will help maintain health and increase female libido.

When diseases are out of the question, it is important to maintain the natural hormonal balance. This can be helped by a gentle correction of the deficiency of essential micronutrients – vitamins and minerals – which underlie the biochemical hormonal chain. The desired result can be achieved through the course use of a balanced vitamin and mineral complex for women, compiled in accordance with the phases of the cycle.

Female libido what is it, how to raise female libido and increase a woman's sexuality female libido increase

It is worth paying attention to proper nutrition: refuse to take all kinds of refined foods and give preference to healthy food. Doctors do not identify any special foods that increase female libido, however, judging by the latest scientific studies, it is worth giving preference to a diet high buying anabolic steroids online in the following nutrients [11]:

Vitamin B1 is an essential element in the work of the endocrine and nervous how to make synthol systems, especially in peak situations: during workloads, emotional or psychological “cataclysms”.

Vitamin A – is responsible for the synthesis of hormones, the processes of regeneration and restoration of the endometrium, including helping to reduce the pain of menstruation.

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Vitamins C and E – participate in the synthesis of sex hormones, and also ensure the adaptation of the body to stress and high mental stress, strengthen the immune system and reduce blood loss during menstruation.

Zinc – regulates the secretion of luteinizing (LH) and follicle-stimulating (FSH) hormones.

Magnesium – participates in intracellular metabolism, reduces symptoms of dehydration, and also alleviates feelings of anxiety.

Vitamin B2 – regulates intracellular respiration and regeneration processes, participates in hormonal metabolism, reduces the frequency and severity of headaches (migraines).

Vitamin B6 – is the most important link in the metabolic chain, the work of the central nervous system, helps to alleviate the symptoms of PMS.

Vitamin B9 – regulates carbohydrate and fat metabolism, participates in estrogen metabolism, helps to reduce fatigue and facilitates adaptation of the body.

Vitamin B12 – normalizes the functioning of the mechanisms of hematopoiesis, plays an important role in the process of ovulation.

It is worth noting that, even if you adhere to the rules of a healthy nutritious diet, it is almost impossible to get all the necessary micro and macro elements from the products. Therefore, it is worth additionally taking vitamin and mineral complexes.

In some cases, a woman is advised to consult a sexologist to improve sexuality, who will help to cope with psychological problems, inner red dragon pharmaceuticals fears and inhibitions. It is better if psychological counseling is carried out in tandem with a partner.

It is important to choose the right oral contraceptives and medications, if any. Do not hesitate to inform your doctor about your desire to continue a full sex life even in the presence of chronic diseases. It is worth asking for prescription drugs (or COCs) that do not affect libido.

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Sexuality is one of the fundamental features that affect the quality of a woman’s life, harmonious relationships in a couple. This is not just a physiological phenomenon associated with the necessity of procreation and satisfaction of the “basic instinct”, but also the possibility of achieving love and happiness. The disclosure of female sexuality depends on many factors, but do not forget that it is based on hormonal balance, maintaining which, a woman provides herself with a long-term perspective of a full-fledged sexual life.


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